Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Etsy Store

Awhile back I decide that I wanted to knit & crochet some stuff to sell on line. So I researched and thought and pondered and thought some more. After all of this I went with Etsy.com, which is like a craft only Ebay. I knitted a lace doily then crocheted a few doilies and knitted a couple of dish cloths.
Last Saturday I listed what I had gotten finish during the week. On Monday to my surprise on of my dish cloths had sold :) :) That was the high light of my day yesterday.
The really nice thing is that I can stick a blurb on my blog so take a look on the right hand side and feel free to click to visit my store.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Knitting Lace

#1 is after round 35 and #2 is pinned and starched.

Last week I decided to join in on a Lace Knit a Long. What better way to do a lace pattern than a doily. I hunted and hunted for on that look pretty and some what simple to do. I found one HERE that looked easy. After about the 66th round I was feeling rather tired of knitting the doily so I cast off. Instead of being the full 15 inches it is supposed to be its about 12 inches. It is done with Patons Grace in Lavender.