Thursday, August 23, 2007

Busy busy Beaver

I 've been busy working on stuff for my Etsy Store. I've had 2 sales since I've opened it up. The forums tell me to advertise and "pimp" my store. LOL Some even suggest getting business cards to give to people who order from you so they can direct there friends to your store.

1. I have had only 2 sales.
2. I have an Etsy mini in 3 different places, apparently this is not enough.
3. No way an I gonna spend money on 250 business card and then wonder what to do with them if this doesn't work out.

However I have found a Child's apron pattern that I like and have been given permission to use the pattern to make aprons to sell. The one at the left is Sized to fit a 2-4 yr old or a Toddler basically. Now if my said Toddler would hold still and let me take her picture in it THAT would probably sell the thing.