Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Cause of the bug

As you know I have been bitten by the knitting bug recently. The cause of said bug came from receiving a Knit picks catalog in the mail. I got looking through at some of the patterns and books they offer and decided to give it a try. I have also found a really nice set of needle, but they are $59.99. I guess I'll have to save for them or stick them on my Christmas/Birthday List. As for now trips to the Wal-Mart craft department are keeping happily occupied.

Along with doing some knitting, I have began to crochet a baby blanket for Becky's newest arrival. I had some variegated yarn that I bought in Germany to make a blanket with and never go to it before we moved. Now that Michelle is older and can "entertain" herself for short amounts of time I can work on different craft projects.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Learning is Half the Fun

I have desided to learn how to knit. I have see all of the wonderful things everyone has been making and it also looks like fun.

Michelle and I went to Books-A-Million on Sunday and we came home with a knitting starter kit. All I had to do was supply the yarn. Which wasn't too hard. I had some left over from an attempted quilt venture that didn't go as planned.

On Monday Michelle and I make a supply run to get some more yarn and some other small things to get me going in my knitting adventures. I picked up 5 skews of worsted weight yarn and 2 small "balls" of worsted weight Peaches & Cream Lemon-Lime. I made my change purse out of the worsted weight Lemon-Lime since it was the only multi-colored yarn i have.

After I finish the cell phone case in Aggies color, I'm going to make a wallet and a purse to go with the change purse I made. I'll have to go and get some buttons and a zipper so I can make my purse. I have some fabric out of my stash that hase little yellow tulips buds on it that I am going to use as a liner for my purse. Instead of trying to make a button hole for the purse I am just going to put a flap on it to cover up the zipper or I might just meet up the two ends at the top where the zipper is going. Who knows we'll see what strikes me when the time comes.